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AIAT Software !!

AI Based and Assurance Tracking

AI includes a large (and growing) library of algorithms that can be applied to a variety of tasks. An important concept of using AI algorithms in operational decision-making processes is the concept of provisioning. Unfortunately, the safety literature hides its findings in a confusing context of conflicting approaches, fueled by conflicting motives, assumptions, and intuitions. Thus, while this is a new and emerging field, this manuscript is a systematic review of the research literature. Related to the provision of artificial intelligence, from 1985 to 2021, and aims to provide a structured alternative to the landscape. A new definition of AI provision is accepted and presented, and the provisioning methods are collated and tabulated.

Bottle Tracking Software

A real-time device manages all data, from serialization to the construction of the parent/child relations at different packaging levels, assuring data security in any condition. Moreover, the dedicated Antares Code Association Software is specifically designed to associate the serialized Data matrix on the label with the “dummy code” printed on the bottom.


-QR Code( Quick Response Code) developed by Denso Wave in Japan. Can encode upto 1264 ASCII characters

Example for coding

  • First 5 digit : PRODUCER
  • Next 4 digits : YEARS
  • Next 2 digits : MONTHS
  • Next 2 digits : DAYS
  • Next 5 digits : SPECIFIC CODE
  • Next 6 digits : Serial No

How to apply

  • By special stickers on the bottle (at the bottom or body)
  • Can be printed on the main label
  • Laser printing (requires investment)

Filling Facility Control

  • Every bottle is coded
  • Codes are read by optic readers in various locations such as: filling line, warehouse, distribution vehicles, delivery point, etc
  • Bottling date and hour is recorded every time bottle enters the filling line conveyor
  • Reject stations can be used if a limit is set for the life cycle of the bottles

Outside the Filling Plant

  • Recording distribution of every bottle
  • Recording delivery of every individual bottle to the end customers
  • Tracking the product shelf life
  • Recalls of specific product batches from end customers in case of quality incidents
  • Tracing of individual bottles in the whole system

End Users:

  • Can get instant information about the bottled water
  • Can reach detailed information about every specific production lot by reaching the relevant website by reading the code via mobile app devices...

AI Quality and Assurance Tracking PROJECT DEMO

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