Maisha Infotech is a leading low-code development platform that lets you visually develop your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it.

Web Hosting

Maisha Infotech hosts client websites on a secure and robust infrastructure, with reliable support. The company has significant experience in configuring, hosting and managing websites, internet applications and cloud-hosted services for a range of clients.

Transfer your Web Hosting

Sign up for web hosting and get instant activation and enjoy a faster, more reliable service. We will send you an email requesting your previous web hosting information after signup. Our expert site transfer team will take care of the entire website transfer process for you.

Email Hosting

Promote your business identity with your own branded email and check your email account from anywhere through our super fast secure email hosting network.

Email Exchange

Email Exchange allows you to manage all your emails, tasks, contacts, calendars in one central location unlocking all the features and functionality of Outlook.

Domain Registration

Maisha Infotech hosts client websites on a secure and robust infrastructure, with reliable support. The company has significant experience in configuring, hosting and managing websites, internet applications and cloud-hosted services for a range of clients.

Premium Domain

Premium domain names are short and intuitive words that are more likely to be a successful domain. Premium domains are already owned by someone and are up for sale. MI Webzone lets you buy premium domains that are available for purchase.

You can manage your premium domain like you manage all your other regular domains with MI Webzone from your Control Panel.

Domain Transfer

MI Webzone offers hundreds of domain name spaces, meaning that we can allow you to control ALL of your domains from one central portal, and do so at a very sharp price.

Our system is simple and efficient, it saves you time and money, and it gives you access to more free stuff from MI Webzone. All these bonuses are only a few clicks away. Stop wasting time and money centralize your portfolio with us today.

Graphic and Video Development

We understand the significance of completing your designing requirements within a short span of time. Below you will find more details about how we can save you time and money while also improving the effectiveness of your graphic design services.

Logo Design

One of the most strategic decisions for any business involves the initial selection or subsequent revision of their logo. We can help you at every step by creating a symbol that "works" by satisfying customers, media, suppliers and investors.

Brochure Design

A brochure is a compact medium of marketing. Its basic purpose is not just to inform people about your products and services, but also to underline the fact that you have better solutions up your sleeve when compared to your competitors.

Our skillful designers create an impact on your target audiences, with their attention to detail and focus on the requirements of the clients. We offer the most appropriate designs in various cuts & folds and in the most appropriate themes, to deliver your business message in the most efficient manner.

Letter Head Design

It's simple; allow our design staff to create a custom letterhead design that meets all your specific business needs.

Label Design

Great labels bring good business. Maisha Infotech label design services team will design labels that bring your brand and products to life. If you have an idea, we will match it with pleasing graphics and if you don't, our artists will design astonishing and high quality labels.

Promotional Design

Maisha Infotech can show you new ways to promote your services and products. Our designers can enhance both advertising and informational content in ways that consistently convert viewers into social media followers and customers.

Motion Graphics

We think motion graphic videos are a great way to make your online advertising jump off the screen. Dynamic motion graphic visuals capture attention and drive clicks like few other on-page elements can. We can help design anything you need from a short motion graphic video that will make your online advertising stand out.

Videos to Accelerate Your Digital Success

The objectives, context and leverage from an investment in videos as a mode of promotion, engagement & conversion are something we understand very well. We are experts in strategizing videos as a part of overall business goals and are specialists in IT product or services promotion.

If you are a technology product or services company and want to grow your business through digital channels, drop us a message. We would be happy to discuss your business goals and how you can achieve them.

Search Engine Optimization

Maisha Infotech provides search engine marketing and website promotion services to businesses and organizations that aim to achieve higher online visibility for their products or services.
Maisha Infotech provides SEO services which are important for search engine top placement of any website. We recognize that every client is unique and has different requires. That is why our SEO team personally analyzes each customer websites.

Maisha Infotech mission is to help companies enhance their bottom line and find new customers through the cost effective, measurable medium of search engine marketing. The recommendations we have made combined with the work we have performed have helped our SEO clients substantially increase their business profits. It has always been our policy to take the time to explain the search engine optimization process in as much or as little detail as each client requires. Maisha Infotech technical team continues to educate themselves in the field of search engine optimization keeping up with the rapidly changing industry.